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Shipping Method, Delivery Method

Shipping Method is where you select the method for your products to be shipped.

This option can only be viewed when the customer is ready to checkout with any of your items.

There are 4 fields that need to be filled by you.

Title: The name of the said shipping method that will be viewed from the customer.
is a recommend practice you use the name of the service for the shipping method.
(e.g.) Pos Laju

Provider: The service you use to provide said shipping method.
note this will not reflect in the title, as it is for your reference.


i. Weight Based
If your item price shipping charges is based on the weight of the product, this is where you specify the price for the delivery. As a good practice, place the weight of the product in the objects profile so your customers know the estimated price for the delivery.

A table is provided as per the image below and all the values are adjustable within the format of weight:price , followed by comma symbol ","

For example, writing


Means that the product of weight 1.00 kilograms will have the shipping price value of RM11.

Please note, is just an example of what you need to adjust, as while the price of the of the shipping from said company may differ, the final price of the shipping can be set by you.

ii. Flat Rate

Flat Rate means that there is a fixed price for the shipping of this product. Regardless of size or weight of the product, the shipping method is fixed at this price.

This means regardless of how many items the customer has purchased from your store, the entire delivery price will be based on this flat rate.

Flat Rate Price (RM) is where you determine the price of said rate. ( default set at RM8.00 )

iii. Item Based

Item Based rate means that each and every one of your product will incur a shipping price. Similar to flat rate, except for every item there is within the customer's purchase, a fixed price is attached to every one of those items.

Item Based Price (RM) is where you determine the price of each item.

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